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May 2019
We're excited to welcome two new Ph.D. students from the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute graduate program! Katie Cording and Erin Aisenberg :-)

Happy hour


April 2019
Lab happy hour to celebrate Erin and Julia's great rotations!


 KA and HB

April 2019
Congratulations to Kamran Ahmed on his awesome MCB-Neurobiology undergrad honors thesis project and presentation titled "mTOR signaling controls the structural properties of mouse midbrain dopamine neurons"! 



April 2019
The lab was awarded a second R01 from NINDS to use genetic mouse models to study how Tsc-mTOR signaling affects synapses and circuits in the basal ganglia.

CZ Biohub

 CZ Biohub celebration with Hockemeyer lab

March 2019
Thrilled to be nominated by UC Berkeley to be a Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator! We get funding for our "riskiest and most exciting ideas" but also get to be part of the Biohub community and interact with amazing scientists across the Bay Area!
Celebrated together with the Hockemeyer lab who are also part of the CZ Biohub!



November 2018
Lab lunch to celebrate Katie C.'s great rotation and to welcome Corinna and Jillian!



November 2018
We are excited to have Dr. Jillian Iafrati join the lab as a Project Scientist.



October 2018
Welcome to our new lab manager (and UC Berkeley alum) Corinna Wong!

Retreat 2018 lab

Retreat 2018 view

Retreat 2018 view 2

Retreat 2018 DK


October 7, 2018
The whole lab went to the Berkeley Neuroscience retreat at the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, CA. Polina gave a great talk and the lab was well represented at dance karaoke! Cool (see Dan Kramer giving a riveting performance of "Careless Whisper")



October 4, 2018
Post-doc Polina Kosillo was awarded a NARSAD Young Investigator Grant from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation to study how mTOR signaling impacts dopamine neuron function.

TSC2-/c spheroid


September 7, 2018
John's work on human cortical spheroid models of TSC is featured on the Berkeley Neuroscience website!
*Click here to read the story*



August 2018
The Bateup Lab is now on Twitter! Come and find us @BateupLab

TSC2 KO spheroid


August 20, 2018
John's paper is out in Nature Medicine!
"Genetically engineered human cortical spheroid models of tuberous sclerosis"
Here is the shareable link to the pdf:

Bunsen Burners 2018


August 2018
Shout out to Dan Kramer and John Blair, members of the winning "Bunsen Burners" neuroscience softball team in the Berkeley-MCB softball league!

Kamran SURF


August 2018
Congrats to MCB-Neurobiology undergraduate Kamran Ahmed and his mentor Polina for a great summer research project and presentation

Tsc1 KO DA neurons


July 2018
Check out Polina's preprint on BioRxiv about how Tsc1-mTOR signaling impacts dopamine neuron structure and function:



May 2018
Dan Kramer recieves a a public engagement grant to bring in-depth science education to local elementary schools. This grant is funded by the American Society for Cell Biology through the Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation. Nice work Dan!

DK eNeuro


May 2018
Congratulations to Dan on his paper accepted at eNeuro!
"Combinatorial expression of Grp and Neurod6 defines dopamine neuron populations with distinct projection patterns and disease vulnerability"

KB Cell Reports


May 2018
Congratulations to Katie on her paper accepted at Cell Reports!
"Corticostriatal transmission is selectively enhanced in striatonigral neurons with postnatal loss of Tsc1"

2018 lab photo


May 2018
Annual Bateup lab photo

HB headshot


April 24, 2018
Helen received the C.J. Herrick Award in Neuroanatomy given out by the American Association of Anatomists at the annual Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, CA



April 19, 2018
MCB undergraduate Ariana Moghbel gave a great talk in the MCB-Neurobiology honors thesis symposium!

Neurodinner 2018


April 17, 2018
The team preps to present to the MCB-Neurobiology division at Neurodinner.
Everyone gave a great talk!

Lab Safety Awards


February 7, 2018
The lab received an Excellence in Laboratory Safety Award (and pizza party!) from EH&S.
Thanks Polina and John for keeping us safe!

ice skating

 holiday lunch 2017

December 2017
Ice skating and tacos for the lab holiday party!




November 20, 2017
Villy was awarded the Elizabeth Roboz Einstein Fellowship to study how mTOR signaling affects cortical and hippocampal development. Congratulations Villy!!



November 14, 2017
Helen was co-recipient of the Janett Rosenberg Trubatch Career Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience. The award was presented at the annual Celebration of Women in Neuroscience luncheon at SfN.

Cell Reports


November 14, 2017
John's paper describing transcriptional and translational changes during human neuronal differentiation is out in Cell Reports! This study was a fun collaboration with Stephen Floor, Jennifer Doudna and Dirk Hockemeyer.



October 2017
The lab received a research grant from the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) to study how mutations in ASD-risk genes affect basal ganglia function



September 2017
The lab was awarded an R56 from NIMH to study how mutations in Tsc1 affect the function of striatal and dopamine neurons



September 2017
Welcome to recent UC Berkeley graduate Jessica Wahlberg who joins the lab as a research technician. 


August 2017
Amgen Scholar Briana Marsh did a great job presenting her summer research project at the Amgen poster session and symposium!



July 2017
Welcome to our new research technician Lisie Thayer, a recent Biochemistry and Microbiology graduate from the University of Washington.


June 2017
Polina and Katie recieved travel awards to present their work at the 2017 International Research Conference on TSC and LAM in Washington, DC

Neal graduation

Congratulations graduate! Neal Nathan presented his undergraduate honors thesis at the Public Health honors symposium

Villy QE

Congratulations to Villy for passing her qualifying exam!

Stacie honors presentation

Congratulations to Stacie Ong on her great presentation at the MCB-Neurobiology undergraduate honors symposium
[update 5/18/17] Stacie was awarded the Jeffery A. Winer Memorial Prize, given to the top graduating senior in MCB-Neurobiology. Congratulations on this great honor!

spring 2017

Spring in Berkeley! Congratulations to undergraduate Malcolm Crawford on getting a UC Berkeley Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship and volunteer Ifechukwu Okeke for being selected for the UCSF Summer Research Training Program!

NINDS logo

The lab was awarded an R21 from NINDS to study how mTORC1 signaling affects mRNA translation in different cell types in the brain

Holiday party 2016

Annual Bateup lab holiday dinner!

lunch fall 2016


Undergrad reserach appreciation lunch
Thanks for all of your work this semester!
Neuro retreat 2016 
Bateup lab members presented at the UC Berkeley Neuroscience Retreat in Monterey Bay

 NARSAD logo


Helen was awarded a Young Investigator Grant from the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation to investigate the role of dopaminergic dysregulation in mouse models of ASD
 Kritika photo
Welcome to Amgen Scholar Kritika Chugh!


Lab at Sbragia

View from Gustafson

Hiking and wine tasting in Sonoma!
Bateup lab - group photo 2016 - lawn
May 2016
Annual Bateup Lab photo
John passed his qualifying exam - congrats John!
 NINDS logo
The lab was awarded an R01 from NINDS to study the neuropathophysiology of TSC using genetically engineered human neurons
 DK QE party
Dan passed his qualifying exam - congrats Dan!
 VK news
MCB graduate student Villy Karalis joins the lab!


JB lab

John was awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship! 

Katie, Dan and Polina present at the Basal Ganglia Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, CA


Polina profile picture

Polina was awarded a prestigious fellowship from the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance!
 DK joins the lab

MCB graduate student Dan Kramer joins the lab!


Bateup lab - group shot 2015

April 2015
Annual Bateup Lab photo


AAM undergrad symposium

Alex presented his honors thesis project at the Undergrad Research Symposium
Congratulations Alex for being named the MCB Outstanding Scholar!



Katie passed her qualifying exam - congrats Katie!

 Sloan logo


February 2015
Helen was awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship
PK photo
January 2015
Welcome to our new post-doc, Polina Kosillo from the Cragg Lab at Oxford University!


YH photo

December 2014

Welcome to research specialist Yan Han, from the Sudof Lab at Stanford!



September 2014

The Bateup Lab is now part of a 10 lab project funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative (PI: John Ngai) to genetically and functionally characterize sub-populations of pyramidal neurons in the cortex

Bateup lab - group photo 2014

August 2014

Annual Bateup Lab photo


July 2014

The lab receives a Pilot Award from the Simon's Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI)


May 2014

We got a Seed Grant from the Brain Research Foundation!

 Katie at the rig

May 2014

MCB graduate student Katie Benthall joins the lab!

 Alex joins the lab

January 2014

MCB-Neurobiology undergraduate Alex Agopyan-Miu joins the lab to do an honors thesis

 Bateup lab - group photo 2013

November 2013

Our first annual Bateup Lab photo!


Neuro retreat - Lake Tahoe

October 2013

This weekend the Bateup Lab went to our first UC Berkeley Neuroscience retreat in Lake Tahoe



September 2013

Ready to patch some cells!


JB hockey photo

August 2013

Research specialist John Blair joins the lab from the University of British Columbia!

(yes, he's Canadian!)


Lab 2013

August 2013

...and after! Unpacked and ready to go!



July 2013