Adesnik Lab


- There are openings for postdocs interested in using multiphoton holographic optogenetics to dissect to neural circuit computation in the primary visual cortex. Expertise with multiphoton imaging or V1 physiology is required.

- A postdoctoral position is available for mapping large scale monosynaptic connectivity bewteen neuronal subtypes using a combination of in vivo patch clamp and multiphoton holographic optogenetics. Prior expertise with in vivo patch clamp is strongly preffered. 

 -A joint postdoctoral position with the laboratory of Dr. Steve Brohawn is available for the structure-guided designed of two photon optimized microbial opsins for holograhpic optogenetics. Experience in ion channel physiology and rational mutagenesis is preferred. 

- An opening for research technician or lab manager is available. 

Applicants should send a CV, pdfs of your published work, and a list of references.