svg2key v0.2

Create your own Keynote shapes


svg2key is a simple command-line utility program that extracts shapes from scalable vector graphic (SVG) files and imports them into Apple's presentation program Keynote.  By importing SVG you can extend Keynote palette of shapes and use programs such as Inkscape, Illustrator, Omni Graffle, Intaglio, etc. as drawing tools for Keynote.


Command-line utility (freeware)

dmg icon  svg2key-v0.2.5.dmg (4.5 MB)


pdf icon  svg2keyManual.pdf (3.4 MB)

System Requirements

Works with Mac OS X 10.4 or Later

Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) users should download svg2key-v0.2.3


1.  Double-click the svg2key-0.2.5.dmg file to mount the disk image. Then drag the files over to your home folder.

2.  Launch the (in /Applications/Utilities) and type:

    chmod a+x svg2key

3.  Optional: Move svg2key to the /usr/bin directory. (note you will need an administrator password to do this).

    sudo mv svg2key /usr/bin/svg2key

4.  Quit and relaunch Terminal to have changes take effect. Convert the sample SVG files included to make sure everything works by typing:

    svg2key SVG_Examples/*

5.  There will be a slight pause followed by: "Keynote file saved as Untitled.key".

6.  To view the resulting file, type:

    open Untitled.key


bullet - use SVG to create customizable cutouts

bullet - use SVG to create unique shapes that can't be made in Powerpoint

bullet - I converted some photos from a recent trip to Arches National Park into vector format

bullet - My homage to the visual appealing movie Sin City. I converted some movie stills into vector format.


v 0.2.5

Minor bug fixes.

v 0.2.4

More bug fixes for Intaglio users and other minor improvements.

v 0.2.3

Improved compatibility with Intaglio, improved Unicode support and improved handling of websafe colors.

v 0.2.2

Fixed a bug where paths of zero height or width cause the program to crash.

v 0.2.1

Fixed a bug with the polygon attribute and another bug with rounded rectangles. Asymmetrical rounded rectangles (where the curvature of one end is greater than the other) are now supported.

v 0.2

First public release as a command-line utility. This version supports color attributes. Fixes a number of bugs in previous version.


I have had a lot of fun developing this program and experimenting with vector graphics. I would love to know what you think. Please email me with any comments or suggestions you might have

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Copyright © 2005, 2006 David Astling. All rights reserved.

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