Winoto Lab
Department Molecular & Cell Biology,

Astar Winoto

1981 B.A. UC Berkeley (Molecular Biology)
1986 Ph.D. California Institute of Technology (with Leroy Hood).
Ph.D. thesis: Major Histocompatibility Complex gene mapping and T cell receptor gene organization and repertoire.
Postdoctoral fellow, Whitehead Institute at MI T (with David Baltimore).
1990 Assistant Professor UC Berkeley
1996 Associate Professor
1999-Current Professor
2003-2010 Head, Immunology & Pathogenesis Division
2004-2013 Director of Cancer Research Laboratory

Current Position

Professor of Department of Molecular & Cell Biology

Williams Endowed Chair of Biological Sciences

1997-2000, members of ALY NIH study section.
1994, NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow Award.
1991, Searle Scholar junior facultyAward.
1990, Cancer Researach Institute junior faculty Award.
1989, Leukemia Society of America Special Fellow.
1986, Jane Coffin Childs Postdoctoral Fellowship.
1981, Departmental Citation UC Berkeley Molecular Biology Dept.
1981, Phi Beta Kappa.

Past & present students/postdocs

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