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Research Overview

Our research is devoted to a molecular description of the process of membrane assembly and vesicular traffic in eukaryotic cells. Basic principles that emerged from these studies in yeast are now being applied to studies of genetic diseases of protein transport.

A combination of genetic and cytologic evaluation of the secretion (sec) mutants has allowed a description of the secretory pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Protein transport in yeast appears to be mediated by the same organelles and proteins that operate in mammalian cells. Molecular cloning analysis of SEC genes revealed striking structural and functional homology with corresponding mammalian genes.

For more detailed information on general areas of research within the lab, see the following pages. In addition, each researcher has a short synopsis of their own specific research interest on the Lab Members page.

Vesicle Transport Early in the Secretory Pathway

Traffic in Human Genetic Diseases

Vesicle Traffic Late in the Secretory Pathway

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