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Research Summary

The genomes of eukaryotes are organized into highly complex and non-random structures in the nucleus. Increasing evidence suggests that the spatial organization of genomes may play important roles in regulating the genome functions such as transcription, replication and DNA repair. However, how the higher-order chromosome structure is established and modulated and how the chromosome organization influence genome functions remains poorly understood.

The C.elegans dosage compensation provides a powerful model system for tackling these questions. In C. elegans, dosage compensation equalizes the X-linked gene expression between males (XO) and hermaphrodites (XX) by reducing transcription from both hermaphrodite X-Chromosomes by half. This chromosome-wide regulatory process is enacted by a condensin-like dosage compensation complex (DCC), which is first recruited to a set of recruitment sites (rex) and then spreads onto secondary binding sites throughout the X-Chromosomes. Recent studies in the lab have shown that the DCC actively reshapes the topology of X-Chromosomes by reinforcing the boundaries between Mbp-sized topological domains (TADs), hence enhancing the compartmentalization of X-Chromosomes. Using a combination of genomic, microscopic and genome engineering approaches, I aim to: (1) elucidate the mechanisms by which the DCC regulates the formation of TADs; (2) dissect the functional relationships between DCC-dependent organization of TADs and transcriptional repression; and (3) develop new methods to engineer higher-order chromosome structures. Ultimately, my goal is to achieve a better understanding of the roles of higher-order chromosome organization in regulating the plasticity and stability of transcription programs during development and diseases.


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2004 - 2011
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D. in Biophysics

1998 - 2003
Special Class of Gifted Youth and School of Life Science
University of Science and Technology of China
B.S. in Molecular and Cell Biology