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Sending Strains
Protocol for Sending Strains
You will need:
  1. Sterile pieces of foil (about 2.5 inches square). (Sterilize and store in a glass petri dish)
  2. 1/4" sterile disks (from Difco, #1599-35, concentration disks 1/4", sterile blanks)
  3. Remove a disk from the bottle using a sterile toothpick. place on a piece of sterile foil
  4. Wet disk with a drop of YEPD (yeast) or LB (bacteria).
  5. Pick a single colony from a plate with a toothpick and transfer to sterile disk
  6. Fold ends of foil to wrap disk, fold ends several times to prevent leaking
  7. Wrap with a piece of white tape and label with strain number

    These can be taped to a sheet of paper with the genotype and mailed in a regular envelope
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