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Blotting with BSA
  1. Blot in 5% mile/ 1X PBST (or 1X TBST) --60'/Rt
  2. Wash 2X for 5' in 1XPBST
  3. 10Ab in 1% BSA/1X PBST --60'/Rt
  4. Wash PBST 15', then 3x for 5' each in 1X PBST
  5. 20Ab in 1% BSA/1X PBST --60'/Rt (aHRP)--
  6. Wash 15' with 1X PBST then 3x with PBST for 5' @
  7. Chemiluminescence: Mix 1:1 NEN reagents. Add to Mb --1'/shaking. Blot excess
  8. Put between sheets (page protector) and expose film
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