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DROPOUT PLATES (-his, -trp, -ade, etc.) 1 sleeve
  1. Melt 1 bottle of 4% agar (250ml) in microwave
    Recipe #42 - hold warm
  2. Add 1 bottle (50ml) of 20% dextrose to 1 bottle (200ml) 2XN
  3. Add 0.7g of dropout powder (homemade) or 0.4g (Bio101) and stir with sterile stirring bar
  4. For Bio101 powder supplement 2XN mixture with:
    1. Add 5ml of Ade solution at 1mg/ml (For all except -ade plates)
    2. Add 5ml of TRP solutionat 10mg/ml (For all except -trp plates)
  5. When 4% agar is melted and cooled for about 10minutes, add 2XN mixture to agar and stir
  6. Pour plates.
    Notes: when using new trp powder, 4g/500ml bottle
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