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Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools-I work again!
Biological Journals
Harvard MCB
Biological Chemistry Division - ACS
Berkeley's Bioscience Library Web Page
Chemical Exchange Inventory
Stanely Hall Purchasing
For searches:
NCBI - ***For BLAST, Entrez, and PubMed.
SWISS-PROT - Search for protein entries via description or ID.
Melvyl - Use for Medline, Current Contents, and others.
Web of Science - Find articles which have cited a certain article.
ExPASy- Sequence databases, pathways, and protein analysis tools.
PDB - Protein Data Bank
Protein Topology Home Page
European Bioinformatic Institute - Molecular Biology Software
Abo Akademi University - Molecular Structures and Biocomputing
General Interest:
Science Magazine's Human Genome Special Edition

Bay Area

Yahoo San Francisco Bay Area
City of Berkeley Home Page
USA Today Weather-Oakland, Calif.
Triple Rock Home Page
Digital Lantern on San Francisco Area


CNN Interactive
San Francisco Examiner Home Page
San Jose Mercury News

Search Engines

InfoSeek Net Search
Lycos Search
WebCrawler Searching

Job Search Resources

Biotechnology job listings:

BIO ONLINE Career Center: Biotechnology Jobs
FSG Online Jobs In Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Medicine
BioSpace Career Center
MedSearch America -Many Biomedical/biotech job listings
BIOSCI/bionet Electronic Newsgroup Network for Biology See bionet.jobs.offered

Pages with links to companies and other resources:

Employment Links for the Biomedical Scientist Comprehensive biotech job links
NaviCyte Biolinks A large organized collection of biotech links

Job services which include biotech positions:

JOBTRAK Job listings for students and alumni.
CareerPath.com Searches of newspaper job listings
Career Mosaic
Monster Board

Other employment related pages:

College Grad Job Hunter
CareerMartOnline Career Center

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