Aniek Janssen


Aniek completed her PhD in the lab of Dr. René Medema and Dr. Geert Kops at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 2012. She spent most of her PhD filming cancer cells undergoing cell division and is still amazed by this beautiful process.

To learn more about how cells behave in a normal healthy organism in contrast to genetically unstable cancer cells, she decided to change gears and to start working with fruit flies. Aniek joined the Karpen lab in 2013 and is currently studying the DNA damage response in the dense heterochromatic regions of the nucleus by developing a double strand break system in Drosophila.

Generating a Single DSB system in Drosophila


Aniek has generated several inducible systems to create a single DNA break and is using them to study DNA repair mechanisms. Here you see the system in action in an imaginal disc.
Blue marks the DNA, green the genomic site where the cut can be induced, red a heterochromatic repeat sequence.