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12/6/10 Isa Philipp Wnt Signaling & Vascularization The Wnt/beta-Catenin Pathway Modulates Vascular Remodeling and Specification by Upregulating Dll4/Notch Signaling
Corada et al., Dev Cell 18(6) pp. 938 - 949 (2010)
11/8/10 Crystal Chaw Drosophila shroom & Apical Constriction Specific isoforms of Drosophila shroom define spatial requirements for the induction of apical constriction
Bolinger et al., Dev Dynamics 239:2078–2093 (2010)
10/11/10 Saori Haigo Biomechanical Generation of Planar Polarity Cell Flow Reorients the Axis of Planar Polarity in the Wing Epithelium of Drosophila
Aigouy et. al., Cell 142(5):773-786. (2010)
9/20/10 Jen-Yi Lee Nodal Signaling and Morphogenesis Distinct Xenopus Nodal ligands sequentially induce mesendoderm and control gastrulation movements in parallel to the Wnt/PCP pathway 
Luxardi et al, Development 2010 vol. 137 (3) pp. 417-26.
5/17/10 Jess Lyons Kibra, a Newly Identified Member of the Hippo Pathway Kibra Functions as a Tumor Suppressor Protein that Regulates Hippo Signaling in Conjunction with Merlin and Expanded
Yu et al., Developmental Cell 18, 288–299. (2010)
4/26/10 Russell Fletcher Maintenance and Activation of Stem Cells in the Olfactory Epithelium and the Hair Follicle Abnormal hair follicle development and altered cell fate of follicular keratinocytes in transgenic mice expressing DNp63a
Romano et al., Development 137, 1775 (2010)
3/15/10 John Young The mechanism of Wnt signal transduction and its role in anterior/posterior patterning of the vertebrate central nervous system. Requirement of Prorenin Receptor and Vacuolar H+ATPase–Mediated Acidification for Wnt Signaling
Cruciat et al., Science 327, 459 (2010)
2/8/10 Tae Joo Park Planar Cell Polarity & Tubulogenesis Serrano (Sano) Functions with the Planar Cell Polarity Genes to Control Tracheal Tube Length. 
Chung et al., PLOS Genetics 5(11): e1000746. (2009)
1/11/10 Saori Haigo How are Fat atypical cadherins and planar cell polarity controlling the ellipsoid shape of the Drosophila egg? The cadherin Fat2 is required for planar cell polarity in the Drosophila ovary
Viktorinová et al., Development 136, 4123-4132. (2009)
12/14/09 Isa Philipp Molecular Control of Lymphatic Vessel Formations FOXC2 controls formation and maturation of lymphatic collecting vessels through cooperation with NFATc1
Norrmén, et al., J. Cell Biol. 185: 439 - 457. (2009)
11/23/09 Jen-Yi Lee Myosin II Tension Cables & Morphogenesis Myosin II Dynamics Are Regulated by Tension in Intercalating Cells
Fernandez-Gonzalez et al. Dev Cell 17(5):736-743 (2009) 
5/18/09 Sara Peyrot PCP, Hedgehog, and Ciliogenesis Ciliogenesis defects in embryos lacking inturned or fuzzy function are associated
with failure of planar cell polarity and Hedgehog signaling
Park et al. Nature Genetics 38(3):303-311 (2006)

Dishevelled controls apical docking and planar polarization of basal bodies in ciliated
epithelial cells.
Park et al. Nature Genetics 40(7):871-879 (2008)

4/20/09 David Weisblat Myosin, actin, and the spindle Myosin-10 and actin filaments are essential for mitotic spindle function.
Wooler et al., Journal of Cell Biology 182:77-88. (2008)
2/2/09 Jen-Yi Lee Endocytosis and membrane remodeling during development. Local Actin-Dependent Endocytosis is Zygotically Controlled to Initiate Drosophila Cellularization.
Sokac and Wieschaus, Dev Cell 14, 775-786. (2008)
12/8/08 Isabelle Philipp Molecular mechanisms of vertebrate cardiovascular differentiation. MesP1 drives vertebrate cardiovascular differentiation through Dkk-1-mediated blockade of Wnt-signalling
David et al., Nature Cell Biology 10(3): 338-345. (2008)

The Origins of Cardiac Tissue in the Amphibian, Xenopus laevis
Mohun et al., Trends Cardiovasc Med 13:244–248. (2003)
11/17/08 Lucy O'Brien Stem cell karma and tissue reincarnation: Adaptive homeostasis during organ self-renewal JNK Activity in Somatic Stem Cells Causes Loss of Tissue Homeostasis in the Aging Drosophila Gut
Biteau et al., Cell Stem Cell 3, 442-455. (2008)
10/27/08 Saori Haigo Are polarized cell-matrix interactions controlling polarized cell intercalation to shape the Drosophila egg? Multicellular Rosette Formation Links Planar Cell Polarity to Tissue Morphogenesis
Blankenship et al., Developmental Cell 11, 459–470. (2006)
10/6/08 Jen-Yi Lee (recent papers of interest) Apoptotic force and tissue dynamics during Drosophila embryogenesis.
Toyama et al., Science 19;321(5896):1683-6. (2008)

Ryk cooperates with Frizzled 7 to promote Wnt11-mediated endocytosis and is essential for Xenopus laevis convergent extension movements.
Kim et al., J Cell Bio 182(6):1073-82. (2008)

6/16/08 Dian-Han Kuo Some curious cell behaviors in early leech embryogenesis: is actin cytoskeleton regulation by SMAD-independent TGFbeta signaling involved? LIM-kinase 2 and cofilin phosphorylation mediated actin cytoskeleton reorganization induced by transforming growth factor-b.
Vardouli et al., J Biol Chem 280, 11448-11457. (2005)

Cofilin activity downstream of Pak1 regulates cell protrusion efficiency by organizing lamellipodium and lamella actin networks.
Delorme et al., Dev Cell 13, 646-662. (2007)

5/19/08 Weiyang Shi Directional cell movement:
signals from outside and within
The Bmp Gradient of the Zebrafish Gastrula Guides Migrating Lateral Cells by Regulating Cell-Cell Adhesion
von der Hardt et al., Curr Biol 17, 475-487. (2007)

Wnt5a Control of Cell Polarity and Directional Movement by Polarize Redistribution of Adhesion Receptors
Witze et al., Science 320, 365-369. (2008)
3/31/08 Saori Haigo How does a polarized extracellular matrix control the elliptical shape of the Drosophila egg? Viscoelastic Retraction of Single Living Stress Fibers and Its Impact on Cell Shape, Cytoskeletal Organization, and Extracellular Matrix Mechanics
Kumar et al., Biophysical Journal 90: 3762–3773. (2006)

Integrin a5b1 and Fibronectin Regulate Polarized Cell Protrusions Required for Xenopus Convergence and Extension
Davidson et al., Curr Biol 16: 833–844. (2006)

2/25/08 Dede Lyons Cortex-microtubule interactions controlling asymmetrical cell division. Numb Controls Integrin Endocytosis for Directional Cell Migration with aPKC and PAR-3
Nishimura and Kozo Kaibuchi, Dev Cell 13: 15-28. (2007)
1/14/08 Jen-Yi Lee What is the function of endocytosis during Xenopus bottle cell apical constriction? Endosomal recycling controls plasma membrane area during mitosis
Boucrot and Kirchhausen, PNAS 104, 7939–7944. (2007)
Lionel Christiaen
Does RhoDF control filopodia merging in Ciona migrating heart precursors?
RhoD regulates endosome dynamics through Diaphanous-related Formin
and Src tyrosine kinase
Gasman et al., Nature Cell Biology 5, 195-204. (2003)

Microtubule-targeting-dependent reorganization of filopodia.
Schober et al., Journal of Cell Science 120, 1235-1244. (2007)
General Info:
  • Who we are: Researchers in the UC Berkeley Molecular & Cell Biology Department who are interested in the interface between Cell and Developmental Biology
  • When/where we meet: Once a month, Mondays at noon. 547 LSA. Bring your lunch!
  • What's the format? One person picks a paper or discusses their own research (informally), and moderates ACTIVE discussion amongst all participants.
  • What do we talk about? The plan is for the group to be user-friendly. That is, those who show up will determine the topics covered. Some possible topics include:

Cell polarity
Cell cycle
Cell migration
Cell signaling
Transcription and cell biology
New techniques and reagents for studying cell biology in living organisms


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