Genetics Training Grant Information

Participating Faculty

Sharon Amacher. Mesodermal patterning and segmentation in the zebrafish embryo

Georjana Barnes. Mechanisms of mitosis

David Bilder. Epithelial organization and polarity

Rachel Brem. The genetics of sequence variation

Steven Brenner. Macromolecular function and relationships using protein and RNA sequence information, evolutionary principles, and computational methods

Roy Caldwell.  Invertebrate behavior and ecology

Zac Cande. Mechanisms of meiosis

Lu Chen.  Mechanisms of synapse formation and synapse modification in plasticity

Tom Cline. Sex Determination in Drosophila

Laurent Coscoy. Immune evasion of viruses

Abby Dernburg. Mechanism of meiosis

Dave Drubin. Actin-mediated membrane trafficking events

Michael Eisen. Gene expression function and evolution

Robert Fischer. Regulation of plant gene imprinting

Michael Freeling. Plant evolution

Gian Garriga. Nervous system development

N. Louise Glass. Nonself recognition during the filamentous fungi lifecycle

Sarah Hake. Plant development

Iswar Hariharan. Cell growth and proliferation

Richard Harland. Early vertebrate development

Lin He. miRNA functions in cancer development and mouse tumor models

Jay Hollick. Epigenetics of maize

Nicole King. The evolution of multicellular animals from their unicellular ancestors

Mike Levine. Gene networks that control animal development and disease

Jere Lipps.  Evolutionary biology of marine animals

Barbara Meyer. Sex determination, dosage compensation, and chromosome dynamics in mitosis and meiosis in C. elegans

Craig Miller. Pattern formation during development and changes during evolution

Craig Moritz.  Molecular approaches to study ecology and evolution

Krishna Niyogi.  Photooxidative stress responses in algae and plants

Lior Pachter. Comparative genomics

Nipam Patel. The evolution of development mechanisms

Jasper Rine. Epigenetic mechanisms; Human genetic and epigenetic variation

Don Rio. The mechanisms and regulation of DNA transposition, DNA repair and the control of alternative pre-mRNA splicing

Henk Roelink. Mechanisms of embryonic induction

George Sensabaugh. DNA sequence heterogeneity among human (and some non-human) populations

Randy Schekman. Intracellular protein transport in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and mammalian cells

Kristen Scott. Establishment of nerve cell connectivity in developing nervous systems

Ellen Simms.  Evolution in natural populations

Monty Slatkin. The study off population genetic processes including recombination, selection, migration, and past population growth

Brian Staskawicz.  Signaling pathways and disease resistance in plants

Mark Tanouye. Drosophila models for human genetic disorders

Jeremy Thorner. Transmembrane and intracellular signal transduction mechanisms

David Weisblat. Evolution of developmental processes

Patricia Zambryski. Agrobacterium plant cell transformation and plasmodesmata structure

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