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Genetics, Development and Molecular Evolution Supergroup Symposium


2nd Annual Genetics, Development & Molecular Evolution Supergroup Symposium
Tuesday, May 12, 2009
9 AM – 4:30 PM



Celine Becquet
Learning about modes of speciation by computational approaches

Nathalie Bolduc
The maize transcription factor KNOTTED1 directly regulates the gibberellin catabolism gene ga2ox1

Shih-Chieh (Jason) Chien
Wnts in C. elegans neuronal development

Charles Denby
Wide-spread negative feedback in yeast DNA binding proteins

Malik Francis
Identification of IRBP18: a novel Drosophila b-zip DNA binding protein involved in double-strand break repair

Stephanie Gline
Prechordal mesoderm in the leech

Daniel Little
Detecting Residue Coevolution Within Proteins

Te-Wen Lo
Evolutionary Comparisons of Nematode Dosage Compensation

Devin O'Connor
The interaction between auxin transport and KNOTTED1 in grass lateral organ initiation

Sara Peyrot
Hh signaling regulates development of distinct tissues during lymph heart organogenesis

Sarah Siegrist
Terminating neural stem cell divisions in the developing Drosophila brain

Marjorie Jody Westbrook
Unusually long exons in the choanoflagellate Monosiga brevicollis

Oliver Zill
A Multi-Component Genetic Incompatibility Across Species: Implications for the Ancestral Silencing Mechanism in Budding Yeasts


Monika Abedin          Graduate Student          MCB-King
Cadherin evolution and the origin of animals

Ana Maria Almeida          Graduate Student          PMB-Specht
Flower morphological evolution within the order Zingiberales: Can the evolution of protein-protein interactions amongst B-class genes explain new morphologies in the order?

Madelaine Bartlett          Graduate Student          PMB-Specht
The evolution of floral symmetry in the Zingiberales: a potential role for CYC-like transcription factors

Emily Crane          Graduate Student          MCB-Meyer
Examining the role of ALG-2 in C. elegans Dosage Compensation

Stephen Fairclough          Graduate Student          MCB-King
Colony Development and Cadherin Expression in Choanoflagellates

Patty Garcia          Graduate Student          MCB-Schlissel
miRNAs Play a Role in Leukemic Transformation of Abelson Pro-B Cells

Shannon Greene          Graduate Student          PMB-Komeili
Cell Cycle in the Magnetotactic Bacterium Magnetospirillum magneticum sp. AMB-1

Saori Haigo          Graduate Student          MCB-Bilder
Follicle rotation: a novel morphogenetic movement dependent on polarized cell-matrix interactions to control the ellipsoid shape

Elizabeth Hutchison          Graduate Student          PMB-Glass
Genetic analysis reveals that the N. crassa homolog of IME2 functions in heterokaryon incompatibility rather than meiosis

Hana Lee          Graduate Student          MCB-Brem
Natural variation in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae unfolded protein response

Jasmine McCammon          Graduate Student          MCB-Amacher
Using zinc finger nucleases for targeted modification of the zebrafish genome

Tanya Renner          Graduate Student          PMB-Specht
Chitinases and the Evolution of Plant Carnivory

Meromit Singer          Graduate Student          Math-Pachter
Revealing Genomewide Methylation Patterns from High-Throughput Sequencing by Statistical Inference

Todd Slaby          Graduate Student          MCB-Meyer
Fate Determined by Committee: How the X:A Ratio Controls Sexual Identity with Precision

Melanie Worley          Graduate Student          MCB-Hariharan
Regenerative growth in imaginal discs

David Wynne          Graduate Student          MCB-Dernburg
Motor-Driven Motion Associated with Meiotic Chromosome Pairing

Sung-jin Cho          Postdoctoral Fellow          MCB-Weisblat
Duplication and diversification of leech wnt family genes

George Chuck          Postdoctoral Fellow          PMB-Hake
Developmental transitions in maize are mediated by the opposing activities of two microRNAs

Thomas Gallagher          Postdoctoral Fellow          MCB-Amacher, LBL-Conboy
Fox-regulated alternative splicing events in zebrafish

Dian-Han Kuo          Postdoctoral Fellow          MCB-Weisblat
Dorsoventral patterning by BMP signaling in the leech

Agnes Michel          Postdoctoral Fellow          MCB-Meyer
Mechanism of X-chromosome dosage compensation: probing X-chromosome higher-order structure in C. elegans

Jacqueline Moustakas          Postdoctoral Fellow          IB-Hlusko
The Evolution and Development of the Mammalian Dentition: Insights from the Marsupial Monodelphis domestica

Yvonne Valles          Postdoctoral Fellow          MCB-Weisblat
Title TBA

OhKyu Yoon          Postdoctoral Fellow          MCB-Brem
Interrogating non-coding RNAs in S. cerevisiae using a new 3' tag RNA-seq protocol

Joshua Nicholson          Research Staff          MCB-Duesberg
Towards a Karyotypic Theory of Cancer

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