Santa Cruz Conference on Developmental Biology
AUGUST 15-19,2002

Organizers Amy Bejsovec and Scott Fraser

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Tentative Program

Sharon Low-Zeddies*- circadian rhythm genes in vertebrates
Jeff Hall* - circadian rhythm in Drosophila
Evan Balaban – chimeric analysis of vertebrate behavior
Cori Bargman  - chemoattractants in C. elegans
Ulrike Heberlein – behavioral genetics of drug dependence
Marnie Halpern – patterning a vertebrate brain

2.  REGULATION OF SIGNALING I - Ligand delivery

Suzanne Eaton –vesicular transport of signaling molecules
Gerold Schubiger –cell contacts in imaginal disc patterning
Amy Bejsovec – Wg movement in patterning the embryo
Steve Cohen –Wg movement in patterning the imaginal disc
Norbert Perrimon – Hh movement in patterning embryos
Kathryn Anderson - Rab23 as a regulator of Shh

3.  REGULATION OF SIGNALING II – Modulation and response
Richard Harland - BMP antagonists
Matt Scott - Patched/Naked -
negative regulators of Hh and Wnt signaling
Ken Irvine - fringe modulation of Notch signaling
Jeff Axelrod - asymmetric Flamingo/Dsh:
tissue polarity/Wnt signaling
Rick Fehon -  Neurofibromatosis2 (merlin) in Drosophila cell adhesion
Mark Peifer - APC in connecting cytoskeleton to membrane in Drosophila

Transcriptional control

John Tamkun - chromatin remodeling during Drosophila development
Steve Small - patterning gene regulation in early Drosophila development
Jessica Treisman –functions of a transcriptional coactivator complex
Translational control

Betsy Goodwin - C. elegans germline development
Ruth Lehman - Drosophila early embryo regionalization
Henry Krause - targeting ligand RNA to secretory pathway in Drosophila


Eric Wieschaus* - cellularization in Drosophila
Dan Kiehart - dorsal closure/wound healing in Drosophila
Andrew Chisholm - C. elegans morphogenesis
Daphne Preuss - pollen tube outgrowth
Mark Krasnow - tracheal tube outgrowth
Marianne Bronner-Fraser - neural crest induction & migration


Mike Levine – differential gene transcription in the Ciona embryo
Robb Krumlauf – Hox regulation of vertebrate neural development
Bill McGinnis – Hox control of Drosophila head and brain identities
Phil Benfey - root cell type specification in Arabidopsis
Joel Rothman – cell fates and cell fusion in C. elegans
Cynthia Kenyon* – Hox regulation of cell identities in C. elegans

7.  PATTERNING OF TISSUES I  Within and between tissue layers

Liz Robertson – gastrulation in the mouse
Eric Olson* - mesodermal fate determination
Brigid Hogan* - axial patterning in vertebrates
Chuck Kimmel – cell motions in the zebrafish embryo
Minx Fuller – generating cell fates during spermatogenesis
Trudi Schüpbach* - patterning the oocyte

8.  PATTERNING OF TISSUES II  Appendage and organ morphogenesis
Grace Panganiban - limb patterning in Drosophila
Lee Niswander* - limb patterning in vertebrates
Richard Mann - ground state of leg primordia in Drosophila
Thom Kaufman - head appendages in various insects
Judith Kimble - gonadogenesis in C. elegans
Detlef Weigel - floral organ development in Arabidopsis

Scott Poethig - leaf/shoot morphogenesis in Arabidopsis
Claude Desplan - Drosophila eye - photoreceptor differentiation
Susan Strome – regulation of sexual identity in C. elegans
Emerging technologies

Rob Grainger* - Xenopus tropicalis genetics
Jim Smith - Xenopus transgenesis
Scott Fraser – In vivo imaging of cells and signals

(* Speaker has not yet accepted invitation.)