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VLSB (Valley Life Sciences Building) is located in the Southwest corner of campus. The Chan Shun Auditorium, room 2050, is located on the east end of the building (towards the hills).


Public Transportation Public transportation is the best way to reach UCB.

BART: Schedules/fares can be found at their website and there is also a "trip planner" interactive guide for getting directions from wherever to UCB via BART.

The Downtown Berkeley BART station is the equivalent of 3-4 blocks from the Valley Life Science Building. Exit through the brown glass dome of the main entrance and you are on the corner of Center and Shattuck. Cross Shattuck (the Games of Berkeley store is on the correct corner). Go east one block to Center and Oxford (you will pass the Oasis Restaurant, Quizono's and Starbucks among other stores and restaurants). Cross Oxford and continue up the path onto campus and through the woodsy area know as "Squirrel Alley." The Life Sciences Addition will be the first building on your left, continue up and VLSB is the larger, second building to your left.

AC Transit: Numerous bus lines serve the campus, including the 1, 1R, 7, 9, 15, 18, 51, 52, 52L and the transbay F line. Schedules/fares can be found at their website and there is also a "trip planner" interactive guide for getting directions from wherever to UCB by bus.

Amtrak: Part of the "Capitol Corridor" route between Auburn and San Jose. Exit at the Berkeley station and take the 51 bus up University to Shattuck, exit at Center Street and follow the BART walking directions above.


Parking (see the UCB Parking and Transportation website)

Parking is difficult at UCB and public transportation is the best way to go; although it is spring break on campus, all parking regulations are enforced as usual during spring break). The unattended campus lots that can be used by visitors and the general public ($15/daily maximum) are:

* Berkeley Way lot (Berkeley Way between Shattuck and Oxford - Hearst Avenue is the fourth corner): There are 11 designated spaces for visitors on the Berkeley Way (south) side of the lot. The rest require a faculty/staff permit.
*Lower Hearst Garage (Hearst at Scenic): public parking on Level 2 only, in the Gold Zone only, so please read signs carefully. No campus permits allowed.
* RSF Garage (Bancroft Way at Ellsworth): public parking in the Gold Zone only, so please read signs carefully.
*University Hall West Lot (Addison Street at Oxford Avenue: hourly pay parking at all times throughout the lot, no campus permits allowed - note this is the open parking lot on the north side of Addision; the two story lot on the south side is permit only.
*Witter Field Lot (Centennial Road east of Stadium Rim Way: hourly pay parking at all times throughout the lot. This requires a steep hike to and from VLSB and you may want to consider using a campus shuttle for $1 a ride. Shuttle stops/schedule/map. There are also lots at the Botanical Garden and Lawrence Hall of Science even further up into the hills with a $7/daily maximum.
There is also an attended lot, the MLK Student Union Garage (Bancroft Street just below Telegraph) where you pay at exit ($18/daily maximum).

All other UC lots and on-campus parking requires you to be a UCB faculty or staff member with an annual Parking & Transportation tag permit. Only conference speakers will receive a special departmental visitor's permit allowing them to park on campus or in any UC lot. Public parking is only available in other UCB lots (from those listed above) and on campus after 5pm on weekdays and on the weekends. NOTE: you will receive a parking ticket and possibly be towed if you park in another UCB lot or on-campus, regardless of whether or not you have purchased a temporary permit from a yellow kiosk. These regulations do not change during spring break.

Non-UC lots (City of Berkeley, Dept. of Transportation):
Berkeley Way between Shattuck and Milvia.
Center Street between Shattuck and Milvia (2025 Center Street).
Allston Way between Shattuck and Milvia (2061 Allston Way).
Durant Avenue between Telegraph and Dana (2450 Durant Avenue).
Bancroft Way between Bowditch and Telegraph (2558 Bancroft Way).



Lunch will not be provided to attendees. You are welcome to bring a bag lunch or to see what is open at the food court in Lower Sproul Plaza (during spring break, some counters remain open and others close for the week), or to wander down towards Shattuck Avenue or Telegraph Avenue for a quick bite. Some nearby suggestions:

Street Map: Center & Oxford intersection and beyond

Upscale Cuisine
Beckett's Irish Pub & Restaurant, 2271 Shattuck Avenue (between Kittredge & Bancroft)
Jupiter (Beerhouse), 2181 Shattuck Avenue (between Allston Way & Center)
La Rose Bistro, 2037 Shattuck Avenue, California/French cuisine (between University & Addison)
Moderately Priced
Baja Fresh (Mexican) 2237 Shattuck Avenue (corner of Kittredge)
Great China, 2215 Kittredge Street (between Oxford & Shattuck)
Ichiban (Japanese), 2017 Shattuck Avenue (between University & Addison)
India Palace, 2160 University Avenue (between Oxford & Walnut)
Le Regal (Vietnamese), 2126 Center Street (between Oxford & Shattuck)
Panini (hot and cold sandwiches), 2115 Allston Way (between Oxford & Shattuck inside the Trumpetvine Court - can also be accessed through Jupiter - they share the back patio area)
Student Fare/Chains
Brazil Fresh Squeez Cafe (sandwiches & smoothies), roadside stand with some seating, 2161 Unversity Avenue (between Oxford & Walnut)
Crepes A Go Go, 2125 University Avenue (between Walnut & Shattuck)
La Cascada Taqueria, 2164 Center Street (between Oxford & Shattuck)
Long Life Vegi & Seafood House (Chinese), 2129 University (between Walnut & Shattuck)
Lucky House (Thai), 2140 University (between Walnut & Shattuck)
Mandarin Garden (Chinese), 2025 Shattuck Avenue (between Addison & University)
Mayflower Chinese, 2156 University (between Oxford & Walnut)
McDonald's (corner of Shattuck & University)
Quizno's, Center Street (between Oxford & Shattuck)
Starbuck's (corner of Oxford & Center Streets)
Subway (corner of Shattuck & Addison)
Top Dog, 2160 Center Street (between Oxford & Shattuck)

There are also a number of restaurants on the southside of campus on Telegraph Avenue and surrounding streets:

Upscale Cuisine
Adagia, 2700 Bancroft Way
Henry's, 2600 Durant Avenue
Moderately Priced
Musical Offering Cafe, 2430 Bancroft Way
Naan N Curry, 2366 Telegraph Avenue
Raleigh's, 2438 Telegraph Avenue
Student Fare/Chains
Blondie's Pizza, 2340 Telegraph Avenue
Noah's Bagels, 2344 Telegraph Avenue
Top Dog, 2534 Durant Avenue