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"New Frontiers in Cellular Imaging"

Thursday, March 24, 2005 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Chan Shun Auditorium, Valley Life Sciences Bldg, Rm 2050
In recent years, vastly improved techniques for labeling cellular structures with fluorescent probes, coupled with dramatic improvements in microscopes and software, have had a revolutionary impact on our ability to appreciate the intricate organization and dynamic properties of living cells. This one-day symposium will bring together on the Berkeley campus world leaders in the development and application of new cellular imaging approaches. The work presented provides novel insights into fundamental biological processes and our understanding of human disease and its treatment.
David Drubin, Conference Chair & Divisional Head, Cell & Developmental Biology
Welcome and Opening Remarks
1st Session Chair: Zac Cande, UCB, Dept. of MCB


Roger Tsien, UC San Diego
Keynote Address: "Genetically and proteolytically targeted reporters of cell signaling and pathology"
Steve Ruzin, UC Berkeley
"The Golub Microscope Collection: Historical Perspectives"
Coffee Break and viewing of the Golub Collection
2nd Session Chair: Ehud Isacoff, UCB, Dept. of MCB
Mats Gustafsson, UCSF (Macromolecular Structure Group)
"Fluorescence microscopy at extreme spatial resolution"
Xiaoliang Sunney Xie, Harvard University
"New advances in optical imaging of live cells"
12:10-1:30pm Lunch Break
3rd Session Chair: Rebecca Heald, UCB, Dept. of MCB
Peter Friedl, DFG, Wurzburg, Germany
"Imaging tumor cell adhesion and proteolysis: invasion and escape strategies"
Cindy Adams, Cytokinetics, Inc., South San Francisco
"Large scale automated cell imaging and analysis for drug discovery: from compound classification to the kinetics of mitotic arrest"
Coffee break
4th Session Chair: Ellen Robey, UCB, Dept. of MCB


Mary Dickinson, Cal Tech (Cal Tech Biological Imaging Center)
"Dynamic imaging of cardiovascular development in vertebrate embryos"
Michael Cahalan, UC Irvine
"Imaging the cellular dynamics of the immune response in vivo"
Abby Dernburg, UCB/LBNL, Dept. of MCB
Closing Remarks


Reception in the VLSB courtyard - all are invited (if the weather is poor, the reception will be held in the 1st floor atrium, between the Jepson Herbarium and the Biosciences Library)