Attend a Chalk talk!

Are you interested in attending a chalk talk? The PDLC will be coordinating 1-2 postdocs to join the faculty and observe upcoming cancer biology and physiology search chalk talks. 

If you are interested please email Andrew ( ) with the days you would be able to attend and your postdoc start date. 

Priority will go to the more senior postdocs as they are likely to go on the job market soon. We will try to accommodate as many postdocs as possible.


Seminar 17-Jan 11am 101LSA, CHALK TALK 17-Jan 12:15pm 177 LSA

Seminar 7-Feb 11am 101LSA, CHALK TALK 7-Feb 12:15pm 177 LSA

Seminar 21-Feb 11am 101LSA, CHALK TALK 21-Feb 12:15pm 177 LSA

Seminar 23-Feb 4pm 101LKS, CHALK TALK 24-Feb 12:00 177pm LSA


More dates will be announced soon!