PostDoc Onboarding Resources

MCB Postdoc Onboarding Resources Sheet


A. MCB/Biological Science Specific Career Development Series/Meetings:

MCB Postdoc Lunch Club (“PDLC”):

  • Second Fridays of the month in 177 LSA 12-1pm (Schedule and location change at times, recommend checking PDLC website to confirm)
  • Opportunity to network with fellow MCB postdocs and learn from invited speakers on different topics related to career development as determined by attendees.

SLAM: Science Leadership and Management:

  • All SLAM seminars take place on Mondays from 5:30pm-6:30pm. Check SLAM’s for upcoming seminars and speaker information.
  • SLAM is a seminar series focused on understanding the many interpersonal interactions critical for success in a scientific lab, as well as some practical aspects of lab management. 

MCB 295 Careers for Life Science PhDs:

  • MCB Department-organized career and professional development seminar series for life science PhDs, annual spring course

Berkeley MCB Postdocs LinkedIn Group


B. UC Berkeley Campus-wide Career Development Programs/Initiatives:

1)    Thriving in Science:

  • Campus-wide professional development initiative at UC Berkeley intended to provide graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with the resources and support to make the most of their academic training.

2)    Postdoc Industry Exploration Program (“PIEP”):

  • This program aims at helping postdocs to make informed decisions with their career choices: stay in academia vs seek a job in industry?

3)    MCB Industrial Affiliates Group ("MCB IAP"):

  • The MCB Dept IAP builds strong alliances with innovative companies by promoting networking, career panels, and recruitment of graduate students and postdocs

4)    Postdoc Teaching Opportunities Program (“PTOP”):

  • This program allows UC Berkeley postdocs across all disciplines to acquire experience and expertise in teaching college level courses at community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and universities in the Bay Area.



For a full list of UC Berkeley campus-wide programs for postdocs: please visit


C. Fellowship Resource Websites:


Example of Fellowship Opportunities for Early Career Postdoc Fellow (Within 1st/2nd year):

Example of Career Development/Transition Research Grant Opportunities for Postdoc:

List of fellowship opportunities can be found:



D. MCB Research Seminars and Interest Groups:


E. MCB/Biological Science Community Social Events:

  • MCB Division Retreats (Fall)
  • LSA Science Social Hour (Fridays)
  • MCB Softball team
  • MCB Department Picnic (annual, fall)
  • QB3 Social Hour

F. Useful for Postdocs in General:


Spring 2019 Version by MCB PDLC Organizers