Yearly Events

MCB Grad Network works hard every year to host a special event for every class.  At these events, you'll get student-only information, support, and discussions to help prepare you for the big events on your horizon.


  • First years: 
    • Choosing Rotations (Fall)
      • Important aspects in selecting rotation labs
      • How graduate classes differ from undergraduate classes
      • Retreats, organizations and involvement in the community
    • Choosing a lab (Spring)
      • Important aspects in selecting your thesis lab
      • Independence and guidance in establishing a project
      • Work life balance and mental health
  • Second years: How to pass your qualifying exam
      • Choosing a qualifying exam committee
      • Developing a solid thesis proposal
      • Maintaining personal wellness
  • Third Years: Fireside chat
      • Self-motivation and organization
      • Continued community involvement
  • Fourth Years: Gettin' real
      • Looking toward choosing a career path
      • Building professional and networking skills
  • Fifth Years: Writing a thesis and graduating
      • Communication with your committee
      • Setting goals and timelines