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George Oster

George Oster

Professor Emeritus of Cell and Developmental Biology*
*And Professor of Environmental Science, Policy, & Management

Lab Homepage: http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/~goster/home.html

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Research Interests

My research involves construction and testing of theoretical models of molecular, cellular and developmental processes.

Current Projects

Current Projects include investigations into the basic physics and chemistry of protein motors, eukaryotic and prokaryotic cell motility, membrane geometry and protein organization and pattern formation in neural systems

Selected Publications

0 0 1 69 397 University of California, Berkeley 3 1 465 14.0

Ehlers, K., G. Oster. On the mysterious swimming of Synechococcus (2011)  PLoS One 7(5):e36081.

Yu, J., G. Oster. (2011) A small translocation energy bias aids in nucleotide selection in T7 RNA Polymerase transcription. Biophys. J. 102(3)532-541.

Gong, Z., N. Matzke, B. Ermentrout, D. Song, J. Vendetti, M. Slatkin, G. Oster. The evolution of patterns on Conus shells. (2011) PNAS 109(5) E234-E241.

Yu, Jin, W. Cheng, C. Bustamante, G. Oster. (2010) The sequence effect on nucleic acid unwinding by NS3 helicase. J. Molec. Biol. 404:439-455.

Drubin, D., G. Oster. Experimentalist Meets Theoretician: A Tale of Two Scientific Cultures. Molec. Biol (2010) Cell 21: 2099–2101.

Nan, B., J. Chen, J. Neu, G. Oster, D. Zusman.  (2010) Myxobacteria gliding motility requires cytoskeleton rotation powered by proton motive force. PNAS108 (6) 2498-2503.

Yu, J., J. Moffitt, C. Hetherington, C. Bustamante, G. Oster.   (2010)  Mechanochemistry of the phi29 packaging motor. J. Molec. Biol.400:186-203.

Boettiger, A., B. Ermentrout, G. Oster. (2009) The neural origins of shell structure and pattern in aquatic mollusks. PNAS 106:6837-6842.

Sliusarenko, O., D. Zusman, G. Oster. (2007)Aggregation during fruiting body formation in Myxococcus xanthus is driven by reducing cell movement . J. Bacteriology 189(2) :611-619.

Adelman, J., Y-J. Jeong, J-C. Liao, G. Patel, D-E. Kim, G. Oster, S. Patel. The mechanochemistry of transcription termination factor Rho (2006). Molec. Cell 22(5):611-621.

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Xing, J., H. Wang, G. Oster. From continuum Fokker-Planck models to discrete kinetic models (2005). Biophys. J. 104:055178.

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