Bowes Research Fellows Program

The Bowes Research Fellows Program awards fellowships to outstanding young scientists who are interested in establishing an independent research program as an alternative to the traditional postdoctoral experience. The program provides recent Ph.D. and M.D. graduates who have demonstrated exceptional promise with the necessary resources to pursue independent research at the frontiers of biomedical and life sciences, free from the need to obtain grant support or the distraction of teaching responsibilities. Fellows receive funding and space sufficient to maintain a laboratory of two to three members for a term of up to four years. Fellows are also be eligible to obtain outside funding from grants or other sources as they need to expand their programs.

Bowes Fellows benefit from the mentorship of our faculty, as well as from the exceptional breadth of our scientific resources and the highly interactive nature of our research community. In turn, our community benefits from the Fellows’ creativity and energy in forging new frontiers in biomedical and life sciences research. Because interdisciplinary interactions are key to innovation, fellows are selected from applicants who have broad interests in the life sciences and who have diverse expertise in experimental, theoretical and/or computational approaches.

There is currently no search for new Bowes Fellows.

Bowes Fellow Research Profiles

William Ludington

Former Bowes Fellows

Liam Holt
Liming Wang
Woj M. Wojtowicz

Other Fellows

Liana Lareau - QB3 Distinguished Fellowship