Updated 10/04/17

We are expecting very high demand for enrollment in Bio 1A/1AL for Spring 2018 which will likely be greater than capcity. As a result, some measures will be taken to attempt to first serve students needing to enroll to fullfill requirements for major declaration. Read through the following requirements for enrollment to learn how enrollment will be handled for Spring 2018 classes.

It is expected any students enrolling in Biology 1A/1AL will read and understand the information provided here.


Enrollment Requirements


To be enrolled in Biology 1A and/or 1AL, students must have completed both Chemistry 1A (or 1AD) and Chemistry 1AL with a C- or better grade. Any other course(s) or exam which confers equivalence to Chemistry 1A(D)/1AL (fulfills prerequisites, at minimum, for enrollment in Chemistry 3A and 3AL courses are acceptable (such as Chemistry 4A, courses from another school, a 4 or 5 score on the Chemistry AP test, sufficient score on the IB HL Chemistry exam, etc.). Chemistry 3A or 12A (formerly 112A) are recommended.

For equivalent courses from other schools or exams, documentation of grades/scores in those courses/exams must be provided. The equivalent courses must fulfill the requirements to enroll in Chemistry 3A and 3AL to apply (both the lecture component and lab component must be completed). AP exam credit is available to us within the student records for UC Berkeley students, but the score received is not readily available.

Students who do not (or will not prior to the start of classes) fulfill the prerequisites are not to enroll. Students who have not completed the minimum chemistry prerequisites by the beginning of the semester may be dropped from enrollment at any time.

Students must have already received a passing grade in the prerequisite classes prior to the beginning of class instruction for the enrolling term. Students enrolled in Chemistry 1A(D)/1AL (or 4A) at the time of enrollment (during the previous term) will have their grade confirmed after their current class ends for enrollment in the following term.

It is not sufficient to be enrolled in Chem 1A(D)/1AL (or 4A) in the same semester along with Biology 1A/1AL.

AP Biology Exam (or any other similar exam for biology) credit does not provide an exemption from the prerequisites.

Simultaneous Enrollment Requirement:

Students are required to be enrolled in both Bio 1A and Bio 1AL simultaneously in the same term. Enrollment in the two courses may be done in any order and time during early phases of enrollment, but enrollment in both courses is required by the beginning of classes.

Students who have enrolled in Bio 1AL are guaranteed a seat in Bio 1A provided that they are able to enroll in one of the Bio 1A discussion sections with open seats. This means that space will be made available in the course for students to enroll in Bio 1A if they are already enrolled in Bio 1AL, but it does NOT mean that students will be automatically enrolled in one course if they enroll themselves in the other course. Students must enroll themselves in both courses separately.

Students who are unable to enroll in both courses (because one course is full) should focus on enrollment in Bio 1AL as it is the more restricted course for enrollment, and enrollment in Bio 1AL will be the determining factor for enrollment in both courses. Students enrolled in Bio 1A but on the waiting list for Bio 1AL may be dropped from Bio 1A to allow students who are enrolled in Bio 1AL to enroll in Bio 1A.

Exemptions from the Requirement:

There are some cases where students may be exempted from the simultaneous enrollment requirement. In all cases, All exemptions from the simultaneous enrollment requirement must be approved by the Biology 1A/1AL Coordinators. Some major advisors may tell students they do not need to take both Bio 1A and Bio 1AL for their major, but this does not grant any exemption from our enrollment reuirements.

Find the case below which fits your situation and use the link to the online Google form to submit a request for an exemption. The Google forms will reauire you to be signed in to your bConnected ( email account to access the form.

  1. A student who has completed both Bio 1A and Bio 1AL previously (received grades), but the student received non-passing grades in one or both courses. In this case, the student may be permitted to repeat the courses (that they did not pass) to attain passing grades. See the Repeating Enrollment section below.

  2. A student has already completed (and passed) a course equivalent to Bio 1A or Bio 1AL at another school. Please use the Completed Equivalent Exemption Request Form to submit a request for an exemption of this type.

  3. The student has ALREADY (at the time of enrollment) declared a major in Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. In this case, the student may request to be exempt from the simultaneous enrollmnet requirement to be enrolled only in Bio 1A. Please use the Declared Major Exemption Request Form to submit a request for an exemption of this type.

  4. For any other reason a student may have for requesting an exemption, please use the General Exemption Request Form to submit a request for an exemption from the simultaneous enrollment requirement.


Any Bio 1AL Lab section may be chosen in combination with any Bio 1A Discussion section except where the Tuesday lab sections conflict with the Tuesday discussion sections. Make sure not to enroll in conflicting sections discussion and lab section which is possible for some Tuesday sections.

Exams scheduled in the evening for other courses could conflict with the Tuesday 6:30-9:30pm lab sections. Students enrolling in the Tuesday night lab sections are responsible for avoiding conflicts with scheduled exams in other classes (typically noted in the Schedule of Classes listing). Students whose enrollment selections result in these types of conflicts will not automatically be approved to reschedule lab sections during the weeks of the scheduled exams.

Bio 1A and 1AL have some exams scheduled outside normal lecture class times. The exam dates and times will be noted in the Course Notes, on the bCourses sites, and in the course syllabi. While these exams are subject to change, students must ensure they have no conflicts with ehe exam times as make-up exams are not possible.

Enrollment Priority:

Priority for enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis. No speical priority is given based upon major or class level (except as given by enrollment appointment time and if special enrollment restrictions are in place as expained later). Higher level students should not have problems enrolling as long as they attempt to enroll at their first possible time. Students repeating enrollment may be given lower priority than students enrolling for the first time (see below).

The wait lists may be closed until the class enrollment gets close to the the enrollment limit. It is not a good idea to depend upon the wait list to get into a specific lab or discussion time as a student can only be on the waitlist for one section at a particluar time. Check back frequently for open seats in other sections at the same time or other times that work in the schedule.

Repeating Enrollment:

Students are classified as "Repeating Enrollment" if :

1) They have a previous grade in either Bio 1A or 1AL or

2) They were enrolled in Bio 1A/1AL after the Early Drop Deadline in Fall/Spring or the end of the first week of classes in Summer Session and dropped one or both classes. The only exception would be if there were special circumstances which were explained to the Bio 1A/1AL Academic Coordinator or Enrollment Coordinator at the time of the drop.

Students who are repeating enrollment may be given low priority to be enrolled in the courses if the enrollment demand significantly exceeds the maximum capacity. In this case, students repeating who have already passed will always have lowest priority, then students repeating for a 2nd time or more, then those repeating for the first time. This could result in students being dropped from enrollment if they are repeating.

Students who have already received a passing grade (C- or higher or a PASS) should not enroll in the courses and should submit a request for approval to enroll. It will not be possible to approve enrollment to students to repeat the courses if they have already received a passing grade until it is certain other students who have not yet passed the courses have full chance to be enrolled. Approval for enrollment in this case cannot be granted until the first week of instruction.

To submit a request for repeating enrollment in Biology 1A and/or 1AL, please use the Repeating Enrollment Request Form

Concurrent Enrollment (UC Extension):

Concurrent Enrollment in Biology 1A/1AL is possible only if there are seats open in the courses at the beginning of instruction for the term after all registered student enrollments have been confirmed. As it cannot be known until the begining of instruction what seats may be available, it is not possible to approve concurrent enrollment any earlier.

To inquire about Concurrent Enrollment, please send email to Erol Kepkep, the Biology 1A/1AL Enrollment Coordinator, at

Enrollment Management for Spring 2018:

Lecture Sections:There are three lecture sections for Bio 1A and two lecture sections for Bio 1AL. The first lecture sections held in Pimentel Hall are the primary lectures, and the additional lecture sections (scheduled at the same time) are video simulcast sections from the primary lecture. If you attempt to enroll in the first lecture section and you cannot be enrolled there, the system will cascade to check the next lecture sections and then to the third lecture section. If you cannot be enrolled in any of the lecture sections, the system will show the final section attempted as the one you could not be enrolled.

Waiting Lists will only be opened when the courses near full enrollment.

Because there are multiple lecture sections and automatic cascading enrollment, the waiting lists do not work as well as they must be checked and adjusted manually. There can only be a waiting list on the last lecture section in the group. Therefore, if a seat opens in another lecture section, it cannot be filled automatically.

Phase 1 (10/16 - 11/13):

Biology 1A: Enrollment will be CLOSED to all students. The lecture will show as "open", but all the discussion sections will be closed which will block any attempt to enroll.

Because all discussion sections are closed, the system thinks the class is full. Therefore, you may not see it in Schedule Planner unless you change the "Class Status" to find "Open and Full" classes.

Biology 1AL: Enrollment will be open with all seats restricted only to students with 3-6 Terms in Attendance. Depending how enrollment progresses, some seats may be restricted only to any student who is Undelcared.

Phase 2 (11/14 - 01/07/18):

Biology 1A: Enrollment will be open with all seats restricted only to students with 3-6 Terms in Attendance.

Biology 1AL: Enrollment will be open to all students except that some seats may be restricted only to Undeclared students.

Adjustment Period (starting 01/08/18):

Biology 1A: Enrollment will be open to all students.

Biology 1AL: Enrollment will be open to all students.

Questions/Comments about Enrollment:

For any questions about enrollment that are not answered in the information above or in related/linked sources, please send email to Erol Kepkep, the Biology 1A/1AL Enrollment Coordinator, at

Please report any problems with the web site here.