General Biology Lecture, Biology 1A - 3 semester units, three 1-hour lectures per week and one 1-hour discussion section per week

General Biology Lab, Biology 1AL - 2 semester units, one 90-minute lecture per week and one 3-hour lab section per week. (There a $50 Course Material Fee associated with this course)

Prerequisites: Chemistry 1A and 1AL (or 4A) with a minimum C- grade or equivalent (such as a 4 or 5 score on the Chemistry AP Test). Having previously taken or being concurrently enrolled in Chemistry 3A (or 12A) is recommended.

General introduction to cell structure and function, molecular and organism genetics, animal development, form and function. Intended for students majoring in the biological sciences, but open to all qualified students. Students must take both Biology 1A/1AL and 1B to complete the sequence. Neither is a prerequisite to the other.

Biology 1A and 1AL are required to be taken together during the same semester except for a few distinct cases explained in our enrollment information.

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