Host-Pathogen Interest Group Meeting

Past Meetings


Dec. 1, 2006                  Ellen Robey "Imaging Immune Responses to Toxoplasma gondii".

Jan. 1 , 2007                  Allen Wensky (Winoto lab) Journal club

Feb. 2, 2007                  Russell Vance "Genetic dissection of macrophage resistance
                                      to intracellular bacteria".

March 9, 2007              Philippe Bousso from Pasteur Institute "Cellular orchestration of T cell

                                     priming in vivo"

March 16, 2007            Brian Sullivan (Coscoy lab) "Roseola Viruses: Immune Modulation

                                     and T cell Biology"

April 6, 2007                Nicholas Blanchard (Shastri lab) “Class I MHC presentation
                                     of Toxoplasma gondii antigens”

May 4, 2007                 Sophie Lehar (Raulet lab) Journal Club, JC paper info: Autophagy-

                                     Dependent Viral Recongnition by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells by

                                     Heung Kyu Lee, et. al.  Science, 2007 Vol 315:1398

Sept. 7, 2007                Nadine Jarousse (Coscoy lab) "Induction of heparan sulfate

                                     expression on B cells upon viral infection"

Oct. 5, 2007                 Tanya Chtanova (Robey lab) "Visualizing the innate and adaptive

                                     immune responses against T. gondii"

Nov. 2, 2007               Anat Herskovits (Portnoy Lab) "Listeria monocytogenes multi drug
                                    resistance transporters activate a cytosolic surveillance pathway of

                                    innate immunity"

Dec 7, 2007                 DinaWeilhammer (Sha Lab) " Host Factor Regulation of Toxoplasma

                                    Gondii Stage Conversion."

Jan 4, 2008                  no meeting

Feb. 1, 2008                Allen Wensky (Winoto Lab) Journal Club, JC paper info: TRIM25

                                   RING -finger E3 ubiquitin ligase is essential for RIG-I-mediated antiviral

                                   activity, Gack et. Al., Nature Vol 446/19 April 2007.

Mar. 7, 2008               Niranjana Nagarajan (Shastri Lab) Journal Club, JC paper info:

                                   Macrophage and T cell Dynamics during the Development and

                                   Disintegration of Mycobacterial Granulomas, Jackson G. Egen et al.,

                                   Immunity, Feb 2008

Apr. 4, 2008                Frederic Delebecque (Raulet Lab) "'Natural Killer cell recognition of

                                    HIV- infected cells: role of the DNA damage response"

May 2, 2008               Marie Schaeffer (Robey Lab) "Visualization of immune responses to T.

                                   gondii infection in the brain"

Sept. 5, 2008              Sarah Ewald (Barton lab) "The ectodomains ofTLR9 and TLR7 are

                                   cleaved to generate functiona receptors"

Oct. 3, 2008                Andrea Pezda (Coscoy Lab)"Suppression of TLR9 mmunostimulatory 

                                    motifs in the genomes of herpesviruses"

Nov. 7, 2008               Sarah McWhirter (Vance Lab) "Characterization of a novel cytosolic

                                    immunosurveillance pathway."

Dec. 5, 2008               Nicolas Blanchard (Shastri Lab) "How does antigen processing in the

                                    endoplasmic reticulum modulate CD8 T cell responses to the mouse

                                    cytomegalovirus ?"

Jan. 2, 2009                 no meeting

Feb. 6, 2009                 Kate Williams (Harris Lab) "Lethal antibody enhancement of dengue

                                    disease in mice is prevented by Fc modification"

Mar. 6, 2009                Professor Raulet "Role of MHC Downregulation in NK cell (and T cell)

                                    Responses to Mouse Cytomegalovirus"

Apr. 3, 2009                Seong-Ji Han (Robey Lab) "Visualization of CD8 T cell response

                                    against Toxoplasma gondii"

May 1, 2009                Jennifer  Young (Winoto Lab)"Regulation of the innate immune

                                    response by FADD and TRIM21"

Sept. 4, 2009               postdoc candidate Gundula Min-Ou fromMcGill University in Montreal

                                    "The genetic component of host response: studies in a mouse model

                                    of malaria"


Oct. 2, 2009                 Kate Monroe (Vance Lab)"Identification of Host Cytosolic Sensors and

                                     Bacterial Factors Regulating the Type I Interferon Response to

                                     Legionella pneumophila"

Nov. 6, 2009                Harshi (Shastri Lab)"Immune responses to Toxoplasma gondii in H-2b


Dec. 4, 2009                Seong-Ji Han (Robey Lab) "CD8 T-cells Response to Toxoplasma


Jan. 1, 2010                  no meeting

Feb. 5, 2010                 Kwame Twumasi-Boateng (Shapira Lab) "MAP Kinase modulation of

                                     infection resistance and lifespan is age-dependent "

Mar. 5, 2010                 Nick Arpala (Barton Lab)"An Intracellular Pathogen Requires

                                     Recognition by  the Innate Immune System for Virulence"

Apr. 2, 2010                 Simona (Harris Lab) "Role of memory immunity in secondary dengue

                                     virus infection in mic"

May 7, 2010                 Jennifer  Young (Winoto Lab) "The role of FADD in regulating immune

                                     responses to viru"

Sept. 3, 2010                Michael Reese from Stanford University "Virulence without catalysis:

                                     The secreted pseudokinase, ROP5, is critical to Toxoplasma


Oct. 1, 2010                 Jacob Moltke (Vance Lab) "Hot Detection of Bacterial Flagellin:

                                     Mechanistic Insights and in Vivo Toxicity"

Nov. 5, 2010                Kevin Hybiske "The Extrusion Paradigm of Chlamydia Pathogenesis"

Dec. 3, 2010                 Justin Richner (Glaunsinger lab) "Global mRNA Degradation: A

                                     Novel  Virulence Factor for Gammaherpesviruses"

Jan. 7, 2011                  Janine Coombes (Robey lab) "Dynamic Imaging of NK cell and

                                     neutrophil responses to Toxoplasma gondii infection"

Feb. 4, 2011                 Damian Trujillo (Coscoy Lab) "The Role of Heparan Sulfate

                                     Expression in the B cell Response"

Mar. 4, 2011                 Suzanne Fleiszig "P. Aeruginosa Versus Host Cell, Who Wins and


Apr. 1, 2011                 Jennifer Young (Winoto Lab) "FADD-deficiency leads to programmed

                                     necrosis and inflammation"

May 6, 2011                 Nataliya Shifrin (Raulet lab) "Tolerance and responsiveness of NK

                                     cells under  steady- state and inflammatory conditions"


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