Host-Pathogen Interest Group Meeting

First Friday of the month, 2 PM, 177 Life Sciences Addition

This monthly meeting provides a format for members of the UCB community interested in host-pathogen interactions to form new connections.  The format of the meeting is either a "work-in-progress" talk or a journal club presentation.  The choice of which is up to the presenter.  Journal club papers have a host-pathogen focus and, when possible, will highlight topics to be covered in an upcoming Immuno or Microbiology seminar   (

Sept. 2, 2011   Seong Ji Han (Robey Lab)  “The Role of Type 1IFN during Oral Toxoplasma Gondii



Oct. 7, 2011     Victoria Hritonenko (Fleiszig Lab) “Role of Type 3 Secretion System Effector, ExoY of

                         Pseudomonas aeruginosa, in in vitro and in vivo infection models.”         

Nov. 4, 2011    Dara Burdette (Vance Lab) “ Identification of an Innate Immune Receptor for Cyclic



Dec. 2, 2011    Harshita Satija Grover (Shastri Lab) “ Immunity to Toxoplasm gondii ”


Jan. 6, 2012      Emma Abernathy (Britt Glaunsinger Lab)  “ The role of global mRNA degradation in

                         the murine gammaherpesvirus lifecycle ” 

Feb. 3, 2012     Alex Iannello (Raulet Lab)  “A new version of Hide & Seek!”

Mar. 2, 2012     Bettina Lee (Barton Lab)   “Mechanisms of intracellular Toll-like Receptor trafficking”


Apr. 6, 2012     no meeting        

May 4, 2012    Elena Bekerman (Coscoy Lab) “Warfare' Between Host Activation-induced Cytidine

                        Deaminase and KSHV”           

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Please contact Ellen Robey ( if you are interested in presenting at an upcoming meeting.

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