Fragment Analysis

Fragment Analysis:

  1. Before you start your project, please make sure that you use the dye sets compatible with our Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA Analyzers.
  2. The dye set best suited for our 3730XL is DS-33, which includes these dyes: 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET,  and LIZ (LIZ Size Standard).  Please call us if you must use other dye sets.
  3. To submit your samples, you will need to use a 96 well half skirted or semi skirted PCR plate.  

    We prefer samples to be submitted in a specific type of plate:

Real Time PCR

BioRad CFX96 Touch Real Time PCR Detection System is an OPEN ACCESS INSTRUMENT for AUTHORIZED USERS and there is $16/RUN USER FEE for UC labs. Outside UC labs, please check Pricing page.

If you want to become an authorized user, please call 2-6383 or stop by room 310 Barker Hall.

CFX Manager Software Video Tutorial is available in 303 Barker Hall.

Droplet Digital PCR

BioRad QX200 droplet digital PCR System is an OPEN ACCESS INSTRUMENT for AUTHORIZED USERS and there is $33/RUN USER FEE for UC labs.  Outside UC labs, please check Pricing page. 

The QX200 system works well with both TaqMan hydrolysis probes and EvaGreen fluorescence detection chemistries.  

New Recharge Rate effective July 2017

New Rates: Effective 7/1/2017

Services On-Campus and Other UC Campuses LBNL and CHORI (+10%)

Off-Campus (+58%)

120L New Brunswick BioFlo Fermentor



Prior experience running industrial scale fermentor

Need to have your own BUA

Please contact Hitomi at for more informaiton.

Human Cell Line Authentication

$60 per cell line for UC labs

We offer human cell line identity verification using short tandem repeat DNA profiling (STR Profiling).

The service includes: Genomic DNA extraction, QC, PCR amplification of 9 STR loci plus Amelogenin using Promega GenePrint 10 System, Fragment Analysis with ABI 3730XL DNA Analyzer, comprehensive data analysis with ABI Genemapper software and final verification using supplier databases including ATCC and DSMZ.

DNA Quantification

$0.50/sample for UC labs

Please submit ~5ul of your DNA samples.  We will email you the results in an excel spreadsheet containing A260, A280, A260/A280 ratio, and concentration in ng/ul.

Qubit dsDNA assay and Protein assay.  Please email directly

Other MCB Scientific Facilities

$0.50/sample for UC labs

Please submit your samples in a 96-well plate and concetration of DNA in each wells in an excel spread sheet.



Hitomi Asahara has a Ph.D. degree in Molecular Biology from SUNY at Albany and post-doctoral training at UC Berkeley with a research focus on enzymes involved in DNA repair and replication. She has been with the DNA sequencing facility since 2003 and has extensive experience in the operational management of technical facilities as well as a research lab.



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