Full Plate Submission

Full Plate Submission

You may also submit samples in a 96-well plate. We charge per sample, so you don't pay for empty wells. Please keep well A1 empty for our positive control.

  • We prefer samples to be submitted in a specific type of plate:
  • Catalog#: 4ti-0770/c
  • Description: FrameStar 96, semi-skirted
  • To order, please contact Dennis Harte @ 510-882-0640 or www.BasicScientific.com
  • You may pick up these plates free of charge in 310 Barker
  • If you are shipping plates, please use very tight strip caps.


When submitting samples in a plate, the total volume per well should be 6µl that includes:

dsDNA plasmid: 250ng/5kb  + 4 pmol primer

                               - OR -

    PCR product: 20ng/1000 bp  + 4 pmol primer 


Fill out the "Full Plate Sequencing" order form",  e-mail us a copy and print a copy to include with your plate. 

When filling out the form, please keep the following in mind:

  • Sample names cannot have spaces, but may include the following:  -+.(){}_#
  • Sample names may be up to 35 characters long.
  • Indicate a unique plate name or barcode on the order form, and write it on the side of the plate


  • $342 per plate for all UC labs
  • $372.78 for affiliated labs (LBNL and CHORI)
  • $536.94 per plate for external labs