Plasmid Prep

Plasmid Prep:

This service utilizes a magnetic bead technology for high-throughput purificatin fo plasmid DNA from E. Coli.   It works for both high and low copy plasmid.

You will need to contact us the day before submitting your cultures to confirm that someone will be available to process your samples.

To take advantage of this, you will need to submit:

  1. Stop by 310 Barker Hall to pick up a 96-well 2.2 ml deep well culture block and a gas permeable seal.
  2. Up to 95 samples (reserving well A1 for our control).
  3. Cultures grown in 1mL of 2YT medium or Terrific Broth containing appropriate antibiotic in a deep well culture block.
  4. Bacteria can be grown from either a single colony picked from a plate or from a glycerol stock. Cells should be grown with shaking (300rpm) at 37 oC until the culture reaches mid. or late log.
  5. We are not able to accept these plates on the weekend.
  6. Please bring your culture block with "the Plasmid Prep Order Form" to  310 Barker Hall.
  7. Once the plasmid cleanup is complete, we can perform the sequencing reaction for you.  Please indicate clearly which primer(s) you need us to use, and provide sufficient amount of primer (unless it is one of our free stock primers).
  8. Please email a copy of "the Full Plate Sequencing Form" to