Fragment Analysis

Fragment Analysis:

  1. Before you start your project, please make sure that you use the dye sets compatible with our Applied Biosystems 3730XL DNA Analyzers.
  2. The dye set best suited for our 3730XL is DS-33, which includes these dyes: 6-FAM, VIC, NED, PET,  and LIZ (LIZ Size Standard).  Please call us if you must use other dye sets.
  3. To submit your samples, you will need to use a 96 well half skirted or semi skirted PCR plate.  

    We prefer samples to be submitted in a specific type of plate:

    • Catalog#: 4ti-0770/c
    • Description: FrameStar 96, semi-skirted
    • To order, please contact Dennis Harte @ 510-882-0640 or
    • If you are on campus, please stop by 310 Barker and we are happy to provide the plates for free of charge.
  4. Please provide a minimum of 10 μl of PCR products in HiDi Formamide.  Each well should have size standard.
  5. The Applied Biosystems web site has free software available to download.  Click on the link below to down load Peak ScannerTM software v1.0.
  6. Please fill out "the genotyping order form" and submit the form with your samples.  Also please e-mail the form to
  7. Sample names may not have spaces and only include the following punctuation: -+.(){}_