Droplet Digital PCR

BioRad QX200 droplet digital PCR System is an OPEN ACCESS INSTRUMENT for AUTHORIZED USERS and there is $33/RUN USER FEE for UC labs.  Outside UC labs, please check Pricing page. 

The QX200 system works well with both TaqMan hydrolysis probes and EvaGreen fluorescence detection chemistries.  

You have to take a short training class in order to become an authorized user.  Please call 2-6383 or send e-mail to dnaseq@berkeley.edu to schedule the training session.

BioRad Customer Training documents are available on iMAC in 303 Barker or you can down load from here:


Assay Design General.doc 

Assay Design SNP.doc

ddPCR Calculations Tools_v1.0.xls




Statistics of ddPCR_v1DEC3.pdf

See the calendar for availability of QX200 by clicking the link below.


To reserve this instrument:

  • Ask us to put your e-mail account to the calendar sharing list.
  • logon to your bmail account, select Calendar from the menu on the top of the screen.  
  • On the left side of the screen, click the drop down menu for Other calendar and select Browse Interesting Calendars.
  • You see Holidays, Sports, and More tabs.  Chose More.
  • Select Resources for berkeley.edu, then find MCB from the list.
  • Select MCB-BioRad (2) and Subscribe to one or both instruments.
  • Now you should see MCB-BioRad CFX96 listed under My calendars on left side of Calendar
  • From the drop down menu, select create event on this calendar and block the time you want to use the instrument.

The items you need to order: QX200 List of Reagents.xls