New Recharge Rate effective July 2017

New Rates: Effective 7/1/2017

Services On-Campus and Other UC Campuses LBNL and CHORI (+10%)

Off-Campus (+58%)

DNA Sequencing $3.30/sample $3.63sample $5.21/sample
Genotyping $1.00/well, minimum $20.00/run $1.10/well, minimum $22/run $1.58/well, minimum $31.60/run
PCR Cleanup by Plate $60.00/96well plate $72.60/96well plate $104.28/96well plate

PCR Cleanup by tube

DNA Size Selection

$1.50/sample $1.65/sample $2.37/sample
DNA Quantification $0.50/sample $0.55/sample $0.79/sample
Plasmid Prep $82.00/96well block $90.20/96well block $129.56/96well block
Human Cell Line Authentication $60.00/cell line $66/cell line $94.80/cell line
CFX96 Real Time PCR System $9.00/run $9.90/run $14.22/run
QX200 Droplet Digital PCR System $33.00/run $36.30/run $52.14/run
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