Frequently Asked Questions


When will I receive my results?

 We will notify you via e-mail.  We should have results for you by the next business day. If you don't receive your results, please contact us right away.

How do I get my results?

Results will be send by e-mail.  You will receive text files (.seq files, 4KB) and electropherogram files (.abi files, ~300KB) for each sample.

How do I view my chromatogram files?

  1. Each sample generates two files. The file ending .seq is a text file and the file ending .ab1 is a chromatogram. We strongly recommend that you visually inspect the chromatogram files.
  2. There is free software available on the Internet that will allow you to view your results.
  3. PC users can go to these websites:
  4. MAC users can go to these websites:

 How long does it take to process sequencing samples?

    It takes roughly 6 hours:

  1. PCR reactin assembly and data entry  30min
  2. PCR  2hours and 20min
  3. Post PCR clean-up  40min 
  4. Seqeuencing run  2hours
  5. Date analysis/e-mailing data  30min

 We process samples as they are received; for fastest turnaround time, bring your samples to 310 Barker Hall