Cosmid, BAC, PAC, Fosmid

We are testing a new sequencing protocol for cosmid, BACs, PACs, and Fosmids.  We will sequence your sample for free of charge. If you have a  protocol you want us try, we will be happy to try it.

Please provide:

  • 5µg template with 30pmol of primer in total volume of 12ul.
  • Write the Tm of your sequencing primer on the order form.

Things to consider when preparing Cosmid, BACs, PACs and Fosmid for sequencing.

  • Template quality:  Avoid genomic DNA contamination by not allowing cells to remain in the lysis solution longer than the recommended time in the protocol.  Do not votex nor freeze your DNA.  Freshly prepped DNA gives better results.
  • Recommended kits: Qiagen Genomic-tip or Promega Wizard Genomic Kit